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About art_works, Natalie Lemle, and corporate art consulting based on corporate social responsibility.


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art_works drives innovative engagement with the visual arts in the communities where we live and work.

Art does not exist solely for its own sake. It can be a driver of social change, it inspires creative and strategic thinking, and it need not be confined to a traditional definition. By extension, the way that individuals and institutions support and engage with the arts is not always traditional. art_works was founded on these ideals. 

Companies and brands are uniquely positioned to support the visual arts in mutually beneficial ways. As employees spend increasingly more time at work, and as the landscape of advertising and marketing changes, there is a greater awareness of a company's values and culture. Art can engage employees and audiences of any kind, inspire them to think differently, and serve as a medium to demonstrate positive impact on internal and external communities. 

Art can be layered into any community impact priority - education, social mobility, diversity, economic empowerment - and if we look at art through the lens of any of these issues, it only deepens and strengthens impact, both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

About Natalie Lemle

Natalie’s professional experience includes work in advertising, the Museum of Fine Arts, the gallery world, and at a social impact startup. The common thread throughout these experiences was a focus on art in the corporate sector. 

She has worked with dozens of companies and brands, including: