New Research on Going Beyond Traditional Corporate Philanthropy

Salesforce just published a new report on new (from 2017) data on employee perceptions and expectations of their employers. The report has nothing to do with art, or how it can play a role in corporate social responsibility or community efforts, but there are some compelling insights that show a continued trend toward impact and shifting expectations for businesses. 

It confirms that companies are in a unique position to drive social change. For me, this was the main takeaway:

"As business professionals expect more advocacy and action from companies, opportunities to partner with governmental, nonprofit, education, and other business leaders will increase. Businesses can leverage their power as platforms for social change — using their networks, influence, and voice to speak out and empower those who can’t do so on their own. Such initiatives are good for business. When company leaders help support their communities, they’re also training and building their future diverse workforce."

There is place for socially driven art in this discourse, especially as art's role in society continues to shift and becomes more human-centric. If art can be a genuine way for companies to connect with their employees or have a measurable impact on the community, it becomes a compelling medium through which a company can drive social change. Or at the very least, a complement to existing efforts in the community (public policy, equal rights, diversity in the workplace).

A few more interesting takeaways from the report:

  • 80% of business professionals believe businesses have a responsibility to go beyond profit and make a positive impact on society.
  • 51% of consumers say companies investing in or giving back to the community has a major to moderate influence on their loyalty to a company.
  • The majority of consumers (60%) are likely to switch brands if a company isn’t socially responsible.

Download and read the whole thing here.